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'Fuel polishing' cleans diesel fuel to reduce the potentially damaging effects of contaminants that can be found in fuel and ensures optimum fuel quality and engine performance.  Diesel Polishing Ltd uses specialist, mobile equipment that can be brought to your site to clean your fuel quickly and easily.

Diesel fuel kept in fuel tanks that go unused for periods of time, can become contaminated. Water can enter the fuel through condensation or leakage, and bacteria, such as 'diesel bug', can breed and build up rapidly. One bug can breed to become a quarter of a million bugs within six hours.

A problem with using contaminated fuel is that it can lead to the risk of filters becoming blocked and injectors, seals and gaskets being damaged and so the performance and life of your vehicles or other diesel-fuelled equipment can be significantly affected.

At Diesel Polishing Ltd, we get to the real heart of the issue. Our fuel polishing equipment not only removes the diesel bug and any remains, but  also removes the cause: water contamination in the fuel tank. Any other harmful contaminants are also removed leaving you with fresh fuel and the confidence that your engine will now run better and last longer.

Cleaning fuel – how it is done

Our equipment removes water, diesel bug and other damaging materials, such as rust, from your tank by using fuel circulation agitation and filtration. Once the fuel has been 'polished' the cleaned fuel will be pumped straight back into your tank ready for use. You will not lose any fuel in the process.

Polished fuel for your confidence

Diesel Polishing Ltd.’s fuel cleaning service enables you to confidently use the fuel you have paid for, without the risk of damage to your engines, machinery and generators, which can be expensive to repair.  Don’t leave it to chance.

Just give us a call on 0798 918 0611 or 0175 726 8821 and we'll arrange to visit you as soon as we can to take care of your diesel polishing needs, giving you clean fuel that you can rely on.

Diesel Polishing Marine Industry
Marine Industry

Anyone who owns a boat will probably have heard of the dreaded 'diesel bug' and the problems that this can cause - which is where Diesel Polishing Ltd's diesel cleaning services can help. Nobody wants to get stuck on the water - it can be dangerous and frightening.

Diesel Polishing Commercial Vehicle Industry
Commercial Vehicle Industry

The majority of commercial vehicle companies fuel their trucks from their own self-storage diesel containers; while this may be cheaper and more convenient, it can also expose vehicles to 'diesel bug' and other contaminants that are inherent in bio-fuels.

Diesel Polishing Agricultural Industry

We offer a low cost mobile diesel polishing service, visiting you on your farm or site to clean contaminated fuel, helping you to prevent expensive diesel wastage and the many other issues that can arise from water and related pollutants.